Promoting equitable
access to STEM education
and learning experiences

There exist an urgent need for critical thinking and problem-solving capability for our future innovators.

Children naturally have a sense of wonder and curiosity. They are our astronauts, engineers, architects, surgeons and problem solvers of tomorrow.

Education Inquiries

Ituey provides districts and schools with resources to maximize STEM education in fun and creative ways. Our Super Sprocket STEM Club after school program and STEM Saturdays are prime examples of our community outreach efforts.

Government Inquiries

ituey provides government entities with STEM educational consulting on best practices to develop creative ways to bring STEM learning to our ever increasing information-based and highly technical nation.

Corporate Inquiries

ituey’s executive team is building a bridge between corporations, STEM education and the community. Corporations that want to invest in equitable STEM education are encouraged to contact us. There is much work to be done.

The coordinated involvement and pooling of resources among a range of stakeholders provides opportunity and access to high-quality STEM learning experiences, ensuring that our future problem solvers receive the education and opportunity they need and deserve.

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We seek to leverage local, national and international strengths that are key in meeting the diversity of student’s needs.

ituey, llc seeks to facilitate partnerships that invite the input of a diverse group of policymakers, funders, philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, researchers, practitioners, and community leaders in the development and ongoing refinement of a local vision for STEM education.