A strong, integrated
STEM education
opens the door for
lifelong learning

The Super Sprockets Make Learning Fun and Exciting!

Children’s beliefs about themselves are paramount to their learning and their abilities to achieve their goals.

Data show the need for STEM knowledge and skills will grow and continue into the future.

Ituey sponsored integrated STEM with learning experiences incorporating the use of real-world situations and challenges.

Introducing the Super Sprockets, Horatio, Cali and Simon "V"

There are very few characters on television generally that openly identify as being disabled, let alone in STEM-themed narratives, The Super Sprockets are on a mission to educate and integrate real-world problem solving, as they take on new adventures!









Using the Super Sprocket Design Process, they apply the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), creating practical, useful solutions that students can understand and implement right away.

STEM education promotes higher level critical thinking skills and…

Children’s desire to explore and create motivates curiosity in STEM

STEM education engages students of all ages in tackling real challenges.

The A.E.D.I. Series (Achieving Engineering Driven Innovation) starring the Super Sprockets, is a collection of stories created to educate through engineering in STEM, developing children’s problem-solving skills, creativity and critical thinking.

In STEM Club Trouble you will find:

– Three relatable characters sure to capture your child’s attention

– Beautiful full color illustrations

– A simple problem-solving strategy to help children become innovative, critical thinkers

– STEM vocabulary broken down to an elementary school level

– Easy-to-understand “teach and learn section” created especially for parents and teachers

– A storyline that’s ready to read from kindergarten to 6th grade. (K-6 grade)


Teachers you will find:

Common Core Aligned

Academic Vocabulary

Problem Solving

Easy Integration