Encouraging innovation
and providing equitable
access to high-quality
learning experiences

Bringing Equitable STEM Experiences and Learning to the Community

STEM Saturdays is a professional network of educators and innovators working together to leverage their knowledge, resources and skills to provide and improve access to engaging teaching and learning experiences for children in the community.

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stem saturday 11-6-21

How can we move the needle enough to provide all students greater equity of access to high-quality STEM learning experiences? STEM Saturdays and the Super Sprockets STEM Afterschool Programs provides equitable access, engagement, and outcomes in STEM teaching and learning. <REGISTER HERE>

Developing Students Problem Solving Skills

  1. Learning is age appropriate, student-centered and occurs in small student groups.
  2. An educator and or mentor is present as a facilitator or guide.
  3. Authentic problems are presented at the beginning of the learning sequence
  4. The problems encountered are used as tools to achieve the required knowledge
    and the problem-solving skills necessary to eventually solve the problems.
  5. New information is acquired through self-directed learning.

Our Custom Workshop Activities are Wide-Ranging

Our custom workshop activities are wide-ranging and rotate on a regular basis, while comprising distinct activity areas designed to encourage hands-on, collaborative, problem-solving expe­riences that introduce learners of all ages to the fundamentals of engineering through design.

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