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After School STEM Partnership Exposes Students to the Sciences

“We love this partnership because it exposes students to STEM concepts and promotes hands-on learning,” said Dr. Valerie Brimm, the district’s Office of Strategic Partnerships, Family and Community Relations director. <…More>

Activities have guidelines and rules, but there is an extent to which the break­ing or bending of rules is allowed to encourage experimentation, dabbling, and the trying of new things.

Students learn that there is no one right answer to solve issues. Actually solving the challenge is not the learning goal. Rather, the process of developing the solution through interdisciplinary teamwork and persistence is the objective.

STEM Based Learning Activities Develop Growth Mindsets

 Students with growth mindsets recognize that intelligence and talents are not static but can be developed through perseverance and hard work.

Tackling a STEM Based Challenge

Providing students with the opportunity to under­stand the relevance of STEM to their lives and to see the value of STEM in addressing issues that are important to their communities.

STEM education engages students of all ages in tackling real-world challenges.

Delivering STEM Content in Ways That Spark Students’ Interest and Imagination

Physical models or structures serve as catalysts for learning, inviting play, tinkering, discovery, and risk. Integrated STEM experiences instill a passion for inquiry and discovery and fosters skills such as persistence, collaboration, critical thinking and gained knowledge to new situations.