Bridging the digital
divide in STEM
education to create
future problem solvers






STEM Saturdays

STEM Saturdays is a professional network of educators and innovators working together to leverage their knowledge, resources and skills to provide and improve access to engaging teaching and learning experiences for children in the community.

Super Sprocket STEM Club

Super Sprocket STEM Club afterschool workshops reimagine learning spaces and tools that facilitate authentic STEM learning experiences for diverse students, including students who often encounter barriers to accessible and appropriate STEM learning experiences.

Experience the fun and engagement of the Super Sprocket STEM Club!

Our Programs Develop Students Problem Solving Skills

  1. Learning is age appropriate, student-centered and occurs in small student groups.
  2. An educator and or mentor is present as a facilitator or guide.
  3. Authentic problems are presented at the beginning of the learning sequence.
  4. Challenges encountered are used as tools to gain knowledge and achieve problem-solving skills.
  5. New information is acquired through self-directed learning.

Facilitating Learning Opportunities in the Community

Presently there are disparities in access to exposure in STEM, out-of-school STEM learning programs, and technology tools that enhance STEM learning. High quality, hands-on STEM based challenges provide an environment for students to learn and apply skills such as collaboration, creativity and critical thinking to build and strengthen their problem-solving skills. Ituey is dedicated to bridging this gap.


Real-World Problems

Solving real-world challenges is at the heart of STEM learning. Students are excited when they realize what they’re learning has real-world applications. The opportunity to search for solutions to improve our lives and make the world better, increases student’s natural curiosity and super charges their interests.

The Super Sprocket Design Process

Based on the engineering design process, the Super Sprocket Design Process™ is a series of 4 steps used to guide students as they solve real-world problems. PLAN (research, define the problem), DESIGN (create, build), REFINE (test, get feedback, edit) and SHARE (launch, deliver).


Collectively, students work together to overcome challenges, achieve goals and drive innovation. Collaboration is more than working together, it is thinking together with fresh ideas and approaches. Students are encouraged to think in a systems oriented way, learning to work collaboratively to solve complex problems.

Critical Thinking

Information is key, but the ability to think critically and incorporate collaborative tools into problem-solving is life changing. We are more interested in the process of a child that does not know the answer to a problem than pure memorization. We seek to instill critical thinking as a core component of problem-solving, developing life-long skills for success.

An Engaged and Networked Community